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Hey! My name's Chloe, and I'm the rather ominously named 'creator' of the strange creatures littering this corner of the web. I'm currently training to be a secondary school Biology teacher (Ooo-er! Sounds a bit official!) who likes to spend her spare time creating things that make me smile. I live in England, but was privileged to spend a Scholarship year studying in America in 2009/2010.

I started bear-making in the weeks running up to Mothers Day, 2007. Sadly I have 'one of those mothers' who's a little difficult to buy for, and has her birthday and Christmas at that end of the year too. I decided to make her something personal, so bought myself a kit from Bear Basics here in the UK and began. What a mistake-a to make-a! The result was Tedward (photo below!), a bear I am still proud of. He sits proudly on my mum's dresser at home in the East Midlands.

Well, I had to do something with that leftover bag of stuffing, didn't I? It snowballed, and the result is what you see before you today: a lot of dozy looking creatures inspired by our own natural world.

Why Je Suis Lugly? Well, the word 'lugly' was kindly donated by the owner of Boar, a 'Lugly gone by', and it's a combination of 'Lovely' and 'Ugly', just like my creatures! As for the 'Je Suis' part... I have no idea. I've never been able to speak French, but it sounded so much nicer than 'I am' (or even 'Ich bin', I suppose!)

Please, if you like what you see drop me an e-mail or add yourself to our mailing list via the 'links' page: I'm using it to let people know of new auctions and sales, and if anything exciting like awards are coming up!

have fun browsing,

Chloe and the Lugly's x

About me || Awards || Magazine features
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